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Everyone remembers the first time they went into a store that sell adult toys. Well, I can’t say I remember the first time I went into an adult toy store, but I do remember the first time I went in with a friend. It was when I was 20 and the friend in question had never been before. She was a adult toy store virgin. When we were in the store I recall she was somewhat embarrassed as if she didn’t know how to behave in the store.

I was really blasé and for me it was just another store that sold products specifically for adults. We had a look at the adult toys in the shop and ended up walking out with a toy.

From memory, because she’d never been into an adult toy store, she’d also never used a vibrator so she went for one of the small pen style vibrators. That was just one particular option available.

There are so many different types available to suit everyone’s personal tastes and what they find pleasurable. Some people like to adult toys that are realistic, while others like adult toys that are unrealistic and come in all types of funky colours such as purple or green or bright pink. There are so many different options available.

You can also buy lubricant and lingerie to go along with your toys, or if you’re into bondage then you can get whips and chains as well.

They are designed to stimulate your sex life and give you greater pleasure than if you were having sex au natural. That includes items like nipple suckers or nipple clamps, you can even get ball gag training systems and games.

It goes without saying that they will get dirty and need cleaning frequently, so you can also buy toy cleaner to keep them lasting a long time and in excellent condition.


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  • LELO
  • OVO
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