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Did you know that vibrators have been around since the late 1800s? They were invented because doctors were sick of requests to give women orgasms. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Well, basically a vibrator was originally a medical device.  Over the years there have been a range of vibrators made, including Classic Vibrators, Flexible Vibrators and the famous Rabbit Vibrator.

So what exactly makes the Rabbit Vibrator so great compared to others on the market like a Solid Vibrator or a Remote Control Vibrator?

Well, it comes down to design of the vibrator.

The Rabbit Vibrator has been designed to give you double the pleasure. Solid Vibrators may give you vaginal stimulation, but they don’t offer clitoral stimulation like the Rabbit Vibrator does with its little bunny ears. The bunny ears can stimulate both the clitoris and the g spot while giving penetration, so you’re getting a two for one deal.

Some people can be intimidated when they buy their first vibrator. They might be intimidated by the design of Bullet Vibrators, and they may not want to invest in a Premium Deluxe Vibrator when they’re just getting started, so instead they’ll opt for the Rabbit Vibrator. Rabbit Vibrators are so easy to use and have a variety of settings available, so if you like it slow, or you like it hard and fast you can choose, and you can switch between the speeds.

If you don’t want to use the vibrator for pentation, then just use it to stimulate your clitoris. You don’t even need to use the vibration. Simply flicking the bunny ears on your clitoris could be enough to help you orgasm.

The Rabbit Vibrator can offer more intense orgasms compared to others, so you’re not just going to get a standard orgasm. You’ll enjoy something that’s truly memorable and satisfying. 

Once you’ve experienced the Rabbit Vibrator, you’ll find yourself wanting more. Rabbit Vibrators will never lose popularity because you control it all the way through.


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Although it’s often just said as a joke to people who regularly use their vibrator, and in the Sex and the City episode where Charlotte discovered The Rabbit Vibrator, the question of whether or not people can become desensitised through the regular use of a vibrator is a very valid question.

It’s one that has many people concerned. Some people avoid using a vibrator because they’re worried that they’ll become addicted. That’s a genuine fear. Some women actually cannot orgasm through regular vaginal stimulation however a vibrator such as a Clitoral Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator or a Bullet Vibrator can offer them an orgasm for the first time in their life. That being the case, it would be very easy for the user to just rely on the vibrator and in fact rely on it to reach the point of ecstasy but that’s not necessary at all.

Just because someone uses a vibrator regularly doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy other sexual activities or include their partner in the experience. A Remote Control Vibrator would enable them to involve their partner and that way they’re not just relying on their sex toy for satisfaction. Their partner also won’t feel threatened by the toy because they’ll be involved and will have some control. It will be a joint activity that could improve the relationship long term, especially if it’s been stagnating. A vibrator can bring some much needed spice back into the relationship.

It is of course possible that if you use your vibrator regularly enough you won’t be able to go back to using your fingers, but as long as you and your partner are both happy in the bedroom, then does it really matter if you rely on a vibrator to orgasm? It does however depend on the woman though. Some women will find that because the clitoris is very sensitive they can still reach an orgasm. It’s similar to when a man watches porn. That doesn’t mean he enjoys sex any less. It just means that there’s another way for him to reach climax.

How To Look After Your Vibrator

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It doesn’t matter whether you have a Premium Deluxe Vibrator or a Flexible Vibrator or you only use them infrequently, it’s still really important to clean them regularly.  Not only will it ensure that the vibrator lasts longer, it will also mean that you do not end up with a disease or infection.

It’s best that you clean them after every use. Even if it’s not right after you’ve finished using it, it’s essential that you clean them between uses. That will prevent residue remaining on the vibrator. That residue has the potential to create infections and a corrosive affect on the vibrator.

When you clean it regularly, you need to be sure to use the right products.  That means using cleaning products designed specifically for sex toys.  Remove the batteries from your vibrator before you clean it and place them far away from the vibrator until you’ve finished cleaning it. To clean it, use a little bit of the product on a cloth and wipe down the vibrator thoroughly. If you suffer from skin irritation or are worried that you might, it’s best to use a fragrance free cleaning product. Once you’ve cleaned the vibrator, rinse it and get rid of any residue. The next time you want to use your vibrator it will be as good as new.

Aside from cleaning your sex toys such as a Classic Vibrator or a Solid Vibrator, you need to be careful to use the right lubricant. For example, you should never use a silicon lubricant with a silicon vibrator because the materials can stick together and that will cause your vibrator to corrode, which could potentially be harmful to you.

If you look after your vibrator then they should each last you for at least a year if you look after them. Generally even if they’re in good working order you should replace them after a year because they would have accumulated so much bodily fluid that it’s just not hygienic to keep them any longer. 

How To Choose a Vibrator

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When you first enter an adult store, or you look at the products online, it can be really difficult to know what type of vibrator you should choose. Luckily for you, we’re the experts and we’ve been dealing with vibrators for a number of years so we can help you.

It might seem like a bit of an odd thing to look out when you’re choosing a vibrator, but you should definitely ask yourself if you’re only going to be using it at home or if you’ll be travelling with it. If you plan to travel with the vibrator then a Bullet Vibrator or a Pocket Portable Vibrator would be a great choice for you. That’s got to be great if you intend to travel with it in your handbag or if you’re new to vibrators and want to start with a smaller vibrator.

Different vibrators have different settings, and with those settings come different levels. Are you after a quieter vibrator, or do you want one that’s loud, or do you not actually care? If you’re likely to be distracted by the noise then you should choose a quieter vibrator, but just know that the quieter the vibrator, the lower the intensity, and if you like a high intensity when you’re getting busy with your toy, a louder vibrator will be the way to go.

It’s really important to look at shapes and sizes too. A small vibrator has its advantages, but a larger one can double as a dildo too. You just wouldn’t turn the vibrations on. That will mean you’re getting a two for one deal, which is sure to be more pleasurable in the long run if you plan to insert it.

Vibrating Stimulators are another great choice when all you want to do is lie back and vibrate your way to ecstasy.

Another thing to consider when you’re choosing a vibrator is, are you going to be using it by yourself, or will you use it with your partner? If you’ll use it with your partner then a Remote Control Vibrator would be an excellent choice.

Do All Vibrators Feel The Same?

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You might be wondering why there’s so many vibrators on the market and thinking, “but surely all vibrators feel the same!” That’s not necessarily the case though. There are certainly differences between them and that’s why they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, makes, models and designs. For example, there’s Clitoral Vibrators, Solid Vibrators, Flexible Vibrators and many other types. The design can influence the pleasure you feel when you’re using it as many who have used the Rabbit Vibrator would agree.

For example, you may have two different standard vibrators but they have different settings. One of them may offer a faster vibration, while the other is slower and less deliberate. There’s a huge difference between Classic Vibrators and Magic Wand Vibrators. Some vibrators have lower power and don’t offer as much intensity, It may even be that one vibrator only offers no power, for example, it is either on full speed, medium speed or not on at all, making it more like a dildo. The other one could offer a pulse setting, which is ideal if you want some intense vibration in short bursts so you can delay the climax.


Even the materials that a vibrator is made out of can feel differently. You may be the type of person who prefers a harder vibrator up against your skin, or someone who prefers one that’s bendable. By choosing the right materials for your individual pleasure, you’ll be able to reach the orgasm that you want to.


Most people would have heard of the Rabbit Vibrator. Before that, the Butterfly Vibrator was the popular model and they certainly offer a different experience to others. That’s because of how they’ve been constructed. Both of them have features that are designed to stimulate the clitoris. The Clitoris is more sensitive than any other part of the female genitalia, so you’re bound to have a more memorable experience with one of these vibrators than you are with any other.


It really comes down to what type of experience you want though. That will determine the type of vibrator that you go with.

How To Orgasm With a Vibrator

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Even if you’re experienced at using vibrators and have experimented with Rabbit Vibrators, g-spot vibrators or bullet vibrators, there are still things you can learn. If of course you’re new to vibrators then the biggest question you would be asking or find yourself wondering is, how exactly can I orgasm with a vibrator? Well, luckily for you, we’re here to help you find pleasure and reach that perfect state of ecstasy.

It hasn’t actually been officially dubbed the G-spot, which is the piece of anatomy where you will experience the most intense and satisfying orgasms, but the clitoris is a great place to start. The clitoris is incredibly sensitive to any type of touch and you only need to apply a little bit of vibration to start getting aroused. With arousal the juices will flow giving you getting you closer to the point of no return. To really enjoy the moment, all you need to do is alternate between the different speeds. By doing this you can actually prolong the experience, and delay an orgasm.

You might be wondering why you would want to delay an orgasm, but the reason you would is that when you do, the moment when you peak will be so much greater than if you allow yourself to quickly orgasm. It’s as if you’re teasing yourself.

You don’t just need to tease yourself on your own. Your partner can do it for you. Involving your partner will help them get aroused as well, so it’s basically a “two for one” deal, with the both of you reaching orgasmic pleasure.

While you’re using vibrator by yourself or with your partner, you, or they can massage your body. That will heighten the senses and you’ll feel tingles all over your body.

That’s when you know that the orgasm is coming. The all over body tingle means you’re half way there to an orgasm. If you’ve never had an orgasm then starting with one of our classic vibrators is the best way to go.