Even if you’re experienced at using vibrators and have experimented with Rabbit Vibrators, g-spot vibrators or bullet vibrators, there are still things you can learn. If of course you’re new to vibrators then the biggest question you would be asking or find yourself wondering is, how exactly can I orgasm with a vibrator? Well, luckily for you, we’re here to help you find pleasure and reach that perfect state of ecstasy.

It hasn’t actually been officially dubbed the G-spot, which is the piece of anatomy where you will experience the most intense and satisfying orgasms, but the clitoris is a great place to start. The clitoris is incredibly sensitive to any type of touch and you only need to apply a little bit of vibration to start getting aroused. With arousal the juices will flow giving you getting you closer to the point of no return. To really enjoy the moment, all you need to do is alternate between the different speeds. By doing this you can actually prolong the experience, and delay an orgasm.

You might be wondering why you would want to delay an orgasm, but the reason you would is that when you do, the moment when you peak will be so much greater than if you allow yourself to quickly orgasm. It’s as if you’re teasing yourself.

You don’t just need to tease yourself on your own. Your partner can do it for you. Involving your partner will help them get aroused as well, so it’s basically a “two for one” deal, with the both of you reaching orgasmic pleasure.

While you’re using vibrator by yourself or with your partner, you, or they can massage your body. That will heighten the senses and you’ll feel tingles all over your body.

That’s when you know that the orgasm is coming. The all over body tingle means you’re half way there to an orgasm. If you’ve never had an orgasm then starting with one of our classic vibrators is the best way to go.