You might be wondering why there’s so many vibrators on the market and thinking, “but surely all vibrators feel the same!” That’s not necessarily the case though. There are certainly differences between them and that’s why they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, makes, models and designs. For example, there’s Clitoral Vibrators, Solid Vibrators, Flexible Vibrators and many other types. The design can influence the pleasure you feel when you’re using it as many who have used the Rabbit Vibrator would agree.

For example, you may have two different standard vibrators but they have different settings. One of them may offer a faster vibration, while the other is slower and less deliberate. There’s a huge difference between Classic Vibrators and Magic Wand Vibrators. Some vibrators have lower power and don’t offer as much intensity, It may even be that one vibrator only offers no power, for example, it is either on full speed, medium speed or not on at all, making it more like a dildo. The other one could offer a pulse setting, which is ideal if you want some intense vibration in short bursts so you can delay the climax.


Even the materials that a vibrator is made out of can feel differently. You may be the type of person who prefers a harder vibrator up against your skin, or someone who prefers one that’s bendable. By choosing the right materials for your individual pleasure, you’ll be able to reach the orgasm that you want to.


Most people would have heard of the Rabbit Vibrator. Before that, the Butterfly Vibrator was the popular model and they certainly offer a different experience to others. That’s because of how they’ve been constructed. Both of them have features that are designed to stimulate the clitoris. The Clitoris is more sensitive than any other part of the female genitalia, so you’re bound to have a more memorable experience with one of these vibrators than you are with any other.


It really comes down to what type of experience you want though. That will determine the type of vibrator that you go with.