Although it’s often just said as a joke to people who regularly use their vibrator, and in the Sex and the City episode where Charlotte discovered The Rabbit Vibrator, the question of whether or not people can become desensitised through the regular use of a vibrator is a very valid question.

It’s one that has many people concerned. Some people avoid using a vibrator because they’re worried that they’ll become addicted. That’s a genuine fear. Some women actually cannot orgasm through regular vaginal stimulation however a vibrator such as a Clitoral Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator or a Bullet Vibrator can offer them an orgasm for the first time in their life. That being the case, it would be very easy for the user to just rely on the vibrator and in fact rely on it to reach the point of ecstasy but that’s not necessary at all.

Just because someone uses a vibrator regularly doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy other sexual activities or include their partner in the experience. A Remote Control Vibrator would enable them to involve their partner and that way they’re not just relying on their sex toy for satisfaction. Their partner also won’t feel threatened by the toy because they’ll be involved and will have some control. It will be a joint activity that could improve the relationship long term, especially if it’s been stagnating. A vibrator can bring some much needed spice back into the relationship.

It is of course possible that if you use your vibrator regularly enough you won’t be able to go back to using your fingers, but as long as you and your partner are both happy in the bedroom, then does it really matter if you rely on a vibrator to orgasm? It does however depend on the woman though. Some women will find that because the clitoris is very sensitive they can still reach an orgasm. It’s similar to when a man watches porn. That doesn’t mean he enjoys sex any less. It just means that there’s another way for him to reach climax.