It doesn’t matter whether you have a Premium Deluxe Vibrator or a Flexible Vibrator or you only use them infrequently, it’s still really important to clean them regularly.  Not only will it ensure that the vibrator lasts longer, it will also mean that you do not end up with a disease or infection.

It’s best that you clean them after every use. Even if it’s not right after you’ve finished using it, it’s essential that you clean them between uses. That will prevent residue remaining on the vibrator. That residue has the potential to create infections and a corrosive affect on the vibrator.

When you clean it regularly, you need to be sure to use the right products.  That means using cleaning products designed specifically for sex toys.  Remove the batteries from your vibrator before you clean it and place them far away from the vibrator until you’ve finished cleaning it. To clean it, use a little bit of the product on a cloth and wipe down the vibrator thoroughly. If you suffer from skin irritation or are worried that you might, it’s best to use a fragrance free cleaning product. Once you’ve cleaned the vibrator, rinse it and get rid of any residue. The next time you want to use your vibrator it will be as good as new.

Aside from cleaning your sex toys such as a Classic Vibrator or a Solid Vibrator, you need to be careful to use the right lubricant. For example, you should never use a silicon lubricant with a silicon vibrator because the materials can stick together and that will cause your vibrator to corrode, which could potentially be harmful to you.

If you look after your vibrator then they should each last you for at least a year if you look after them. Generally even if they’re in good working order you should replace them after a year because they would have accumulated so much bodily fluid that it’s just not hygienic to keep them any longer.