Magic Wand Vibrators | Adult Toys Australia

For an all over body experience, you can’t go past a magic wand vibrator which offers full body stimulation.
There may be times when you want a magic wand vibrator and want an experience that you can’t get from a regular vibrator. If that’s the case then try one of our magic wand vibrators. You’ll never need to worry about changing the batteries or the power running out just as you’re close to orgasm because they’re powered at the wall and therefore the power will keep going as long as you want it to. The vibration these magic wands emit is truly magical and so powerful you may need to turn the setting down. That’s no problem because you can choose the speed that you prefer and once you’ve found the perfect speed for you, stick with it, or it may be that you like to mix it up and try different things. The pulse setting is ideal for this and you’ll have time to recover from the smooth vibrations. You’ll feel elated from head to toe. Don’t just use the vibrator on your own though. Get your partner involved and let them control your pleasure and those moments of pure joy. They’ll love having all the power. If you’d prefer though, you can always use the wand on your partner and listen for those moans of pure joy and ecstasy. Everyone has different erogenous zones so don’t feel limited like if you were using a regular vibrator. Wave the magic wand up and down your body and see what feels best. Stimulate yourself from head to toe and bask in a sensation that is designed to last. Choose the setting that you want. You’ll find that different settings work best on different parts of your body. As you’d expect with our magic wand vibrators, they’re available in different colours – purple, red and silver, so you’ll be able to select the one that best reflects your personality. For those of you who are girly, try the Doxy Wand Massager Pink.